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India Burma and the HimalayasOn line catalog:
India, Burma, Laos, Cambodia  and the Himalayan kingdoms of Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan

A private collection of drawings and watercolors offered for sale
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Catalog - Sifnos - GreeceOn line catalog:
Selection of Sifnos paintings
from 1972 till 2000,
Montgomery gallery
San Francisco.

Works on paper.
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Mountains and Sea

Mountains and Sea, art first gallery, london 1999, introduction by donald kuspit

Mountain and Sea, Switzerland 1997, [out of print] introduction by donald kuspit

Expressionisme and the Romantic Self:

Expressionisme and the Romantic Self: christian peltenburg-brechneff paintings 1988-1993,
introduction by  robert c. morgan

paintings 1983-1988

Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff, paintings 1983-1988, introduction by donald kuspit

Catalog - Sifnos - Greece

Sifnos Paintings
introduction by fritz billeter

Catalog - Sifnos - Greece

New York Paintings 1978-1983,
introduction by theodore f. wolff

Three Oceans, salander o`reilly galleries, new york 2001, introduction by donald kuspit