Christian Peltenburg Brechneff

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"What an enchantment to enter gardens through Christian’s eye, down steps, along paths into a dazzling wildness of flowers and leaves, made magical by his brush and pen — not a word needed."
—Page Dickey

"Christian’s gardens celebrate light, dark, heat, water, and time, as well as flowers. Some of the gardens are gone, some still triumphantly alive, but on these pages all remain as they were when he found them—as clear as Emily Dickinson, as sexy as Baudelaire, as hilarious as Edward Lear’s limericks. Christian’s garden chairs brood like Edward Gorey heroines. His closed iron gates are as light but final as the word ‘no.'"
—Mac Griswold

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Homage -Encounters with The East

Homage -Encounters with The East

Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff
Foreword by Donald Kuspit
Preface by H.H Gaj Singh II, Maharaja of Marwar-Jodphur

Published 2007

In the age of mechanical reproduction, many fail to appreciate intricate drawings made by hand, hands having become mere obsolete instruments these days, compared to the fast precision of the digital camera. Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff's drawings capture what the camera can never capture: the spirit of the places he has rendered. More

The Greek House 

The Greek House  The story of a painter's love affair with the island of Sifnos

by Christian Brechneff with Tim Lovejoy
published by Farrar Straus and Giroux, New York

Published: June 11th, 2013

Greek translation paper back publication
of The Greek House : November 3rd 2015

Planetarium Gallleries, Eugenidis Foundation,
Athens, Greece